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Privacy Policy
Random-Rooms does NOT directly collect any information about the users of this website. However, we do use Google Analytics to collect and analyse non-personal information on our behalf. (Please refer to our COOKIE POLICY). If you contact us for any reason, we may keep a computer record of your email for future reference, we will NEVER disclose it (or any other personal details you choose to include in the email) to any third parties; unless you give us your express consent AND the disclosure is for your personal benefit (for example helping you make contact with an individual or organisation you are interested in). Random-Rooms will only use any contact details you provide to use to reply to any question, or inquiry; we will not contact you for any marketing or other reason without your express consent.

Random-Rooms uses Stripe and SumUp to handle financial transactions and Bookeo to handle bookings.

You may be contacted by our automated booking system before and after your booking which will only be in relation to any bookings you have made.
Random-Rooms stores information about bookings and its customers for administrative purposes. This information is kept secure on computers that are ONLY used by Random-Rooms staff. Computers are password protected to keep any personal data secure.
You can request that we delete all of your personal details at anytime by emailing us at We will remove your personal data when requested. Even without a request, all data is destroyed when it is no longer needed for administrative purposes.
Copyright (C) 2022 A & JE Chalkley t/a Random World Productions
Random-Rooms is a registered trademark.
Images on this website are owned by Random World Productions or used under License from or other sources; the copying of images is therefore strictly forbidden. Images are for illustrative purposes only and do not necessarily represent game content.
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