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News and Announcements
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Welcome Escapers to the new News and Features section. All our announcements and important info will appear here as well as articles and funny snippets. Happy reading. :-)

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Exciting Updates
Spring Schedule: - We are pleased to announce that our March and April 2022 booking schedules are now live and available for booking

New Room Name Accouncement: - With the Headteacher's Office room due to open next month....we are not ready to announce the name of our next amazing escape room will be called "The Purple Room". A total and complete reimagining of the hugely popular "Random" Room. More details to follow soon.


Headteacher's Office Story
Every Random-Room escape room starts with a theme idea, we then create a story around that theme. We are very pleased to announce our story for our latest room in development. The Headteacher's Office will be full or quirkiness, humour as well as brand new bunch of puzzles and challenges.

“You’re in trouble…big trouble! You told the bullies that your gang are the bravest in the school. To prove it they set you the task of stealing, borrowing(!) the ‘Headteacher of the Year’ Trophy from the Headteacher’s office during lunchbreak.”

The Headteacher's Office is in development and is expected to open by Christmas 2021.

Keep smiling
Lockdowns VS Bookings
We are looking forward to welcoming all our Escapees back safely, but we understand that plans can change. At Random-Rooms we have always had generous flexibility and allow groups to change their booking date/time at any point, up until 24 hours before your schedule booking, free of charge.
If you really do need to cancel more than 24 hours before your booking, and do not want to take the free rescheduling offer, we will offer you a refund, minus a modest £5 administration fee.

If another lockdown happens or the existing restrictions are extended and we have to cancel your booking, we will offer a full refund (no admin fee), or hold your booking open indefinitely until restrictions are lifted.

Everyone has had to struggle with Covid and the various restrictions so we are being as flexible and understanding as possible to ensure your trip to Random-Rooms remains a special and exciting activity.

Stay Safe x


Blank- Rooms in Production
Future Rooms
We are always thinking, always planning, always coming up with new and exciting ideas to entertain, bemuse and excite our Escapees! Here is a little taster of what you can expect from us in the future; our new room schedule.

The Cell
(Opens 21st June 2021)

The Headteacher's Office
(Expected late 2021)

The "Random" Room Mk2
(a complete reimagining of our current "Random" Room)

The Pirates' Lair


Random-Rooms reopening soon
Reopening Schedule
Random-Rooms is currently closed due to national lockdown restrictions. According to the government roadmap, indoor leisure activities will be allowed to reopen from the 17th May. We aren't going to open up our booking system just yet, in case there is a last minute change of plans from the government. However, we are excited about welcoming all our escapers back!

In the mean time, we are hoping to open our Reception shop again, when non-essential shops are allowed to reopen. This will enable us to start selling our selection of popular "Exit- the Game" games to play at home, Treasure Trail walking trails for the Isle of Wight as well as other random bits and bobs. This will be done by request with timed access for customs to prevent crowds.


Updates on the Cell
The Cell- Update
We are extreme excited to report that development of our new room- "The Cell" is proceeding well. Lots of fun puzzles have been planned; many of which require cooperation between players, the immersive decoration is starting to take shape, and lots of custom items for the room are being constructed.

The Cell will be our most ambition room yet with complex puzzles, exciting visuals and cooperative game play.

We don't like waste at Random-Rooms so we are good at taking things apart and repurposing them...a few eagle eyed players might recognise a few items, or bits of items that have featured in some of our previous rooms!

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