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Information Relating to Covid-19
Random-Rooms aims to bring you fun and exciting Escape Rooms where you and your team can lose yourselves in immersive gameplay with mind-boggling puzzles and cryptic clues! However, we need to provide these experiences to you as safely as possible to limit the spread of the Covid-19 disease.

We have reviewed every aspect of our business to identify as many ways as possible of ensuring Random-Rooms is a safe and healthy space to visit. We are keeping up-to-date with government advice and policies to ensure the alterations and variances we put in place are relevant, necessary and offer the best protection from Covid-19.

Covid-19 information page
‚ÄčFACE COVERINGS are now mandatory (subject to usual exceptions) at Random-Rooms.

- All participants will be asked to wash their hands with our antibacterial soap before entering the game room.

- Room Cleaning - We will thoroughly clean a room after each and every group. This means antibacterial cleaner on all hard surfaces and soft surfaces where possible. We are going to duplicate some of our paper-based and unwashable props, this means we can swap them after each group and allow time for the virus to naturally perish before the prop needs to be used again.

- Extra Cleaning - In addition to cleaning the game rooms after each use, we will also clean communal areas such as Reception, the WC, entrance lobby, including door handles! This will be done after every group.

- Ventilation - All of our rooms already benefit from mechanical ventilation bringing a constant supply of fresh filtered air and taking away the stale air. We will ensure the ventilation system is running before and continue after each group to freshen the air and help remove droplets and aerosols from the air which could harbour the virus.

- Some items in the rooms which are not necessary for game play but may be difficult to fully clean will be temporarily removed from rooms. Additionally, mini-games, sweet jars and some other items will be missing from Reception for the time-being.

- Booking Schedule - All this cleaning will take some time (we are very thorough) so initially we will be running a revised schedule with large gaps between booking groups. You will be able to view available times on our booking site when you book.

- Number of Visitors - Initially we will only be allowing one team of up to 6 players to be present at a time. We will continually review this and hopefully overtime we can return to having up to three teams playing together.

- It is challenging to properly social distance whilst in an escape room, so we must insist that all the participants in a group are free to interact. This means that all players must be some the same household, social bubble or maximum of two households that social distance at all times whilst playing. You will be asked to confirm this when making your booking.

- We must kindly ask that any persons who have symptoms of Covid-19 do not attend Random-Rooms until after their advised period of isolation.

- If participants wish to purchase something from our small selection of drinks, games and souvenirs, your games supervisor/host will put on gloves to pass you the items and handle cash (we are unable to accept card payments).

- We kindly ask that shouting, yelling, cheering and singing is kept to a minumum during your game to minimise the aerosol droplets that could contain and spread the virus.

- We recommend participants use cloth face coverings whilst playing but this is your own personal choice. (We do not supply face coverings).
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Covid-19 information
Covid-19 information
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